Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss in 2023

Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss in 2023

The Festival of Navratri is celebrated by worshiping Goddess Durga, this elaborate nine-day celebration has an immense significance in the Hindu culture. During these nine days, people keep fasts and also enjoy festive vibes by wearing colorful and eating healthy for all the days.

Strick rules are to be maintained and followed while keeping fast on these days. These rules help you eat only healthy and nutritious foods that are great for your health and weight loss. Food items to abstain are grains, alcohol, onion, garlic, and any non-vegetarian food items.

It has slightly become a challenge for people who keep these fasts, especially for those who are keeping them for the first time.

Navratri fasts are kept to please the goddess and ask for Her Blessings upon everyone. Different people have different reasons for fasting. But one common reason that is behind everyone’s mind while fasting is to lose weight. As mentioned earlier, the Navratri fast is strictly restricted to eating only vegetarian items, which are definitely going to be healthy and nutritious, which will provide energy and keep you healthy for the rest of the festive days.

Here is the Navratri diet plan, which is balanced and nutritious.

Day 1: Pratipada

– Breakfast: A bowl of mixed fruit salad.

– Lunch: Sabudana khichdi (made with minimal oil, lots of veggies, and peanuts).

– Snack: Roasted makhana (fox nuts).

– Dinner: Samak rice (barnyard millet) with a side of yogurt and cucumber raita.

Day 2: Dwitiya

– Breakfast: Almond milkshake.

– Lunch: Kuttu (buckwheat) dosa with pumpkin sabzi.

– Snack: Fresh coconut water.

– Dinner: Rajgira (amaranth) roti with aloo tamatar sabzi.

Day 3: Tritiya

– Breakfast: Banana and yogurt smoothie.

– Lunch: Singhare (water chestnut) ke aate ka paratha with lauki sabzi.

– Snack: Cucumber and tomato salad with a sprinkle of rock salt.

– Dinner: Sabudana khichdi with a side of curd.

Day 4: Chaturthi

– Breakfast: Sweet potato chaat.

– Lunch: Sabudana vada with mint chutney.

– Snack: Mixed berries.

– Dinner: Samak rice pulao with curd.

Day 5: Panchami

– Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana sandwich (use kuttu bread).

– Lunch: Kuttu puri with pumpkin sabzi.

– Snack: Roasted makhana.- Dinner: Rajgira roti with aloo tamatar sabzi.

Day 6: Shashthi

– Breakfast: Mixed fruit salad with a drizzle of honey.

– Lunch: Singhare aloo paratha with cucumber raita.

– Snack: A handful of roasted peanuts.

– Dinner: Sabudana khichdi with a side of yogurt.

Day 7: Saptami

– Breakfast: Banana and almond smoothie.

– Lunch: Kuttu dosa with pumpkin sabzi.

– Snack: Coconut water.

– Dinner: Sabudana khichdi with a side of curd.

Day 8: Ashtami

– Breakfast: Sweet potato chaat.

– Lunch: Sabudana vada with mint chutney.

– Snack: Mixed berries.

– Dinner: Samak rice pulao with curd.

Day 9: Navami

– Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana sandwich (use kuttu bread).

– Lunch: Kuttu puri with pumpkin sabzi.

– Snack: Roasted makhana.

– Dinner: Rajgira roti with aloo tamatar sabzi.

Tip: Remember to drink plenty of water and herbal teas to stay hydrated.

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If you follow the above healthy and nutritious diet plan then you can definitely lose weight and come back to your desired shape this Navratri 2023.

1. Starving the whole day is never a good decision. So you should consume small meals frequently to maintain your blood sugar levels. It is advisable to consume 4-5 meals and don’t forget to hydrate yourself in the form of fruit juice and water.

2. Proper hydration is required to survive your day. So keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Fluids like lime water, water, fresh juices, coconut water, soups, and buttermilk are definitely healthy and the best option during this time.

3. Eat food like upma, and vegetable cutlets which help to keep your fillings. Use of high-fiber flour like rajgira, amaranth, and kuttu to prepare delicious and healthy food which helps to reduce weight.

4. Avoid the intake of sugar during fasting. Instead, opt for dates and fruits. During lunch, you can prepare fruit salad which will keep you full till evening.5. Dry fruit is a good source of protein fiber and fat. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and dates will help you lose weight. Avoid cashew nuts because they have saturated fats which is not good for your health.

Dancing to the beats of Navratri is a good workout for weight loss. Just play your favourite Navratri playlist, and dance and enjoy your heart out which will help to de-stress and keep you fit.

A popular Navratri dish option for Weight Loss

1. Sabudana Khichdi – is a good source of carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for weight loss. It is gluten-free and can be easily digested during this festive season.

2. Kuttu ka Dosa – definitely a good source of fiber and protein and keeps you full for a long time

3. Samak Rice Khichdi – rich in fiber, protein, and essential nutrients to promote weight loss.

4. Roasted Makhana – a delicious snack that is low in calories making it ideal for a snack option

5. Lauki Raita – Bottle gourd high in water content and low in calories helps to detoxify and boost metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Fasting is difficult but overall is good for health it is an excellent way to get back to good health and mental shape and helps to fight back your health issues also

This Navratri 2023, prepare your Navratri Thai at home, which will include a variety of dishes. This thali should consist of Sabudana Khichdi, Samvat Rice Pulao, Kuttu ka paratha, Fruits, yogurt, chutneys, and sweets made from amaranth flour.

Disclaimer: prepare all these dishes without using onion, garlic, or regular grains like wheat or rice.

This Navratri Thali will be wholesome and support weight loss

Low in calories – Navratri Thali dishes are low in calories making them easy to digest and helping to keep a check on your calorie intake too

Rich in fiber – Sabudana Khichdi and Kuttu ka paratha contain fiber promoting a feeling of fullness and reducing the calorie intake.

Full of Protein – Yoghurt and dairy products provide a source of protein that helps to maintain muscle mass

Controlled Portions – Fasting guidelines often promote eating in small quantities which helps to regulate appetite and portion control

Healthier Ingredients – The entire thali is prepared to keep in mind, the rituals and only those ingredients like amaranth flour and certain spices which are used to prepare the dishes are healthy and will have health benefits such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties by maintaining the essence of the occasion.

Navratri Thali is good for weight loss depending on the preparation and portion. There are some dishes in the thali that can be deep fried or loaded in ghee which will have a lot of calories and definitely unhealthy for you during fasting. To optimize your weight loss journey, put more focus on the preparation methods and portion while you enjoy this traditional thali during this festive season.

Health Benefits of Fasting during this Festive Season

– Fasting will help you to control your calorie intake and aid in weight loss

– Excellent way to prevent and manage your diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disorders

– Fasting helps to detoxify, which helps in cleansing and removing toxins from your body and promoting overall health

– Regular fasting helps to slow down aging and enhance longevity

– It controls your cravings and strengthens your willpower to come to the desired shape

Challenge Time: Dr.Shikha Singh Navratri Diet Plan To Lose 5 Kg In 9 Days For Fast Weight Loss. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Lose 5 Kg In 9 Days For Fast Weight Loss. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Trying to lose weight but can’t control your cravings during this festive season? But if you are determined to lose weight then this time of the year is a perfect way to start your weight loss journey. In this season, people avoid food items that are high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates. Eat healthy to detoxify yourself and your body to remove toxins.

People start taking extra concern to maintain a well-balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients that our body needs. During this festive season, people also try to indulge in deep-fried foods and mithai which add to your weight. But if you follow our diet plan for all nine days you will definitely shed out extra kilo this festive season and look very pretty and beautiful in all nine days.

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