How To Manage Weight Gain In Pregnancy

How To Manage Weight Gain In Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is absolutely normal and 100% necessary for both the mother’s and child’s growth.

One of the common dialogues that pregnant women hear is “Eat well, cause you are eating for two” and hence this gives the license to the mother to eat their heart out during this phase.

During this pregnancy phase, a mother has to go through a lot of changes in their body from physical to mental health changes. Due to increased weight, their body shape differs from the pre-pregnancy phase. Stress is the most common thing that happens and most of the time mothers start eating more, which is called stress eating.

According to a study, 48% of new mothers gain more weight than the recommended pregnancy weight gain. But that is absolutely fine. Gaining too much weight in the first and second trimesters is very common. But if you are not gaining, then this must be something to worry about.

During this pregnancy phase, you can gain weight by eating healthy and nutritious food. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different from the rest in terms of health and weight gain.

To keep yourself and your baby healthy, always consult your doctor and ask your doctor regarding your food intake which will help you to manage your weight during the pregnancy phase.

Eating healthy and nutritious is definitely good for you and your child. Choosing good nutritious food will keep your baby healthy and strong.

A Balanced Diet Plan for a Pregnant Women so that She Gain Healthy Weight

Wholesome Grains: During pregnancy, you should consume whole grains every day. Whole grains including bread, rice, and roti are a good and healthy choice.

Healthy Vegetables – are rich in vitamins and fiber. You can consume vegetables in the form of raw and cooked vegetables. Ideally, you should eat 2-3 cups of veggies daily

Fresh Fruits: rich in fiber and protein, a pregnant woman is recommended to eat 2 cups of fruits either in the form of raw or juice daily.

Dairy Products: food articles like eggs, lean meats, poultry, and fish are a good source of protein and energy for both mother and child

Oils & Sweets: eating oils and sweets is considered to be unhealthy but during pregnancy, eating in moderate amounts is necessary daily.

Pregnancy Cravings is Absolutely Normal

Pregnancy Cravings are absolutely normal and this leads to weight gain which is also Okay! But you can replace your junk food craving with nutrient-dense food which will help you in healthy weight gain.

Here are some tips to switch from empty calories to healthy calories

  1. Replace your soda with fresh fruit juice
  2. Snacks on fruits, nuts, and yogurt as a healthy option
  3. Avoid frying meat instead bake it
  4. Choose low-fat or fat-free versions of dairy products

Some Do’s and Don’t you definitely need to follow during pregnancy:

  • Always stay active. Do some exercise or try out yoga during this phase
  • Stay away from processed, can, and junk food
  • Never do fasting during this pregnancy phase
  • Enjoy complete 7-8 hours of sleep every night
  • Eat a balanced diet meals

Reason for Your Weight Gain

During pregnancy weight gain is not due to fat or unhealthy eating habits. But most of the time it is related to the baby.

Here is a breakdown of 16 kilos and how it adds up to your weight

  • Baby: 3.5 kgs.
  • Placenta: 1 – 1.5kgs
  • Amniotic Fluid: 1 – 1.5kgs
  • Breast tissues: 1 – 1.5kgs
  • Blood supply: 2kgs
  • Fat stores: 2.5 – 4kgs
  • Uterus growth: 1 – 2.5kgs

Gaining Too Much of Weight During Pregnancy can be Risky

During pregnancy, you should gain weight based on your BMI. But there is always a risk if you are overweight or underweight.

Keeping track of your weight while visiting your doctor is a good way to check on your weight and further take suggestions on this from your doctor.

Some of the common health issues faced by both mother and child during pregnancy phase

  1. If you are obese, the risk of type 2 diabetes is very common before pregnancy. High blood sugar is usually common if you have gained extra weight
  2. If you gain weight so does the baby, extra weight gain can be a challenging birth process, cause it will make the birth passage small and it will be difficult for the baby to come out
  3. Being pregnant is a challenge, it makes your bones, joints, and muscles feel hard due to the baby and your weight, and hence you start feeling discomfort.
  4. Your unwanted extra kilos can be really dangerous at times, especially during ultrasound, especially when excess thickness comes between your baby and your skin. Ultrasound detection doesn’t happen accurately
  5. High blood pressure can be a challenge for premature birth

But how many extra calories do you really need? How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy? What’s a healthy amount of weight gain during pregnancy? Will you be able to lose your pregnancy weight? Is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy? Get answers to these and many such questions in this week’s video!

How many extra calories should I gain each trimester

1st Trimester – 71 calories per day

2nd Trimester – 143 calories per day

3rd Trimester – 215 calories per day

How much calorie intake a pregnant woman should do during this journey

.1,800 calories per day in 1st trimester

2,200 calories per day in 2nd trimester

2,400 calories per day in 3rd trimester

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Indian diet Plain To Control Weight In Pregnancy

Always Stay Happy and Feel Good

Remember, you should always stay happy and feel good about being pregnant, and don’t compare your pregnancy phase with any other Pregnant women nor try to follow their journey. Every pregnant woman’s journey differs. Don’t try to lose weight during pregnancy. Exercise and healthy eating habits will take you a long way during this phase.

Make yourself comfortable, have patience, and just feel and enjoy the changes your body is going through just feel proud of yourself and the fact that you will be a mother soon and have your child very soon in your arms.

Your pregnancy is a lifetime experience, so enjoy the phase and always make a memorable journey that you will cherish for a lifetime.